Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in th
Sun, 15 Dec 96 22:15:51 GMT

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> Tuohy <> wrote:
> >I'll repeat it,The Ages of Man,its a history book.
> Thanks. Would I be correct in assuming that it's some sort
> of secondary source, a composite of what its author took to
> be the scientific consensus?
> I ask because this is true of most high school texts, and even
> the best contain errors of fact (or outdated information, which
> comes to the same thing).

Yes! Yes!

Which brings me back to two earlier questions:

1) Isn't there any support for other methods of migrations to America via
sea-going vessels instead of the well-known and commonly accepted (in
high-school textbooks anyway) siberian land-bridge theory?

2) Weren't horses existant on the American continents prior to the arrival of
the Spaniards?