Re: Death of Mary Leakey

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (
Sat, 14 Dec 96 22:04:52 GMT

Let me share with you a private note I have received regarding my original
posting on this topic:

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I logged onto this newsgroup for the first time in many months, in large
part to read what I was sure would be a large number of tributes and
personal recollections of the late Dr. Leaky. Instead, I find posting
after posting of rediculous arguments over finding human fossils in coal
deposits, lessons on pyramid construction, etc.

I'll check back in a few more months to see if sanity has been restored.

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Enough said.

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(Domingo Martinez-Castilla) wrote:
>Please allow me to share with you the news of Mary Leakey's death, aged
>83. An admirable woman who did not cherish the limelight and just kept
>working in the field for as long as she could. We owe her a great deal
>in our understanding of human origins.

Domingo Martinez Castilla