Re: human brains v.s animal brains

Dan Barnes (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 16:48:05 GMT

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>The occipital bun of the Neandertals is composed of enlarged
>cerebellum--the switchboard for muscualr control--the N's were about
>30% more muscular than us and needed more cerebellum to control the
>added bulk.
Trinkaus and LeMay claim that the occipital bunning is related to the timing of
the growth of the brain. It can also be seen in early AMHs in Central Europe
(esp. Mladec 5 and 6) as well as, I believe, in Aborigines. There is also a
degree of sexual dimorphism in this feature (both Mladec hominids are thought
to be male). Is the bun full of enlarged cerebellum (how do we know?) or is it just
the majority of the brain tissue is further back as the chignon is also linked to
lower foreheads? I have also heard there may be some link with improved
eyesight - would this have any connection with hunting and so sexual