Re: Are we "special"?
11 Dec 1996 18:48:34 GMT

In article <>, Phillip Bigelow <>

>> So the word "special" is a red-flag indicating creationism?
>Substitute "creationism" with "philosophical beliefs OR creationism".
>Yes. In PA, to me it is a red-flag. I can't speak for anyone else.
>I prefer the more succinct words: derived, apomorphy, plesiomorphy, etc.
>These words don't carry so much biased weight as does "special"
>or "unique".

In other words, words that are unique and/or special ?

----- Snip paragraph about heretical books. -----

>> Do you have a list of red-flag words you could post, or
>> provide a pointer for words that should be avoided?
>Well, don't let me stop you from using your own choice of words!
>You can use any terminology you wish to describe the evolution of
>hominids. That doesn't mean I will always enthusiastically agree with
>your usage. I was just pointing out that Paul and Ed Conrad appear
>to share the same premise about humans. Otherwise, they wouldn't
>use the same word. The fact that they are at opposite ends of
>the evolution-creationism debate is not relavent to the point that
>I was making.
> <pb>

It would appear that PB does not find fault with the context in which a
appears but with the word itself. That, in itself, seems a rather closed
of thinking. As in, "if you use a word it has to have the meaning I assign
it ".

To me that sort of thinking harks back to Soviet style science, or to the
dogmas of The Inquisition.

Older. But wiser ?