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>> There may have been periods of several days when man had no way of getting
>> meat. But every time I take a hike I find meat laying around. This
>> includes carrion, fish, insects, rodents, birds, etc. I don't see why it
>> would have been any different in the past.
>Do you find that people, in general, tend to decline your dinner invitations?

Reminds me of two quotes. Upon completing a meal of specially rushed-in
lobster from the coast to the Wyoming Cattlemen's association dinner in
Cheyenne, (late 1800's) Tom Horn (in the movie) was asked "How did you
like the lobster?" to which he replied "Biggest bug I ever et!"

Another old Wyoming cowboy was given a similar querry after a fine dinner
in a fine establishment (late 1900's) to which he replied "It'll make a