Re: Why Large Gap Between Species...?
11 Dec 1996 18:00:25 GMT (Nat Turner) writes:
>Capella <> wrote:

>>Also it seems to be assumed earlier in this post that genocide comes from
>>man's higher thought processes rather than being an instinctive process
>>that we may share with lower animals.

>>When Lions take over a female and her cubs from another male, he
>>instinctively kills the cubs.

I just want to note that this IS instictive. My understanding is that
it occurs over a very short period of time, and if the cubs survive
that period of time they are largely out of danger.

>>Dallas, Texas

>Hmmm, this is interesting -- and scary!
>Are you postulating all animals are programmed to kill off their
>antecedents? Is it truly the duty of the son to kill the father?

No, but it does exist in some.

>If so, where does it stop? Is this instinct still alive and well in H.

Dunno how this fits in but...

Sexual molestation is almost never done by the birth parent.

>Nat Turner
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