Re: ED'S HISTORICAL OVERHAUL (Chapter II: Columbus' journey)

Ed Conrad (
11 Dec 1996 14:25:39 GMT

"Rohinton Collins" <> wrote:

>julia <> wrote in article
>> Just out of did you find all this out? Where did Columbus
>> come from if it wasn't Italy?

>Christopher Columbus came from Genoa.


Roh, Roh, Roh Your Boat is only partially correct because he has
supplied you with only half an answer.
Christopher Colon, more intimately known as ``Columbo," DID live in
Genoa for a spell, but that only means that's where he came from
before he packed his bags to go somewhere else.
But if you're asking where he was BORN, that's a horse of a different
fire department.
``Columbo" -- the Latin word for (homing) pigeon -- actually was born
in the Alps righ across the border of what is now northern Italy,
except for the fact that Italy -- as a country -- didn't even exist
back then.