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Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:21:09 -0800

Ed Conrad wrote:
> First: There is MORE evidence and truth about man's origin and
> ancestry on Ted Holden's home page than in all the universities and
> museums of the world -- combined!

Wow, I'm impressed. You've actually been to all the universities and
museums of the world to see this for yourself. You must have, since you
leave out any references.

> Second: You're annoyed because a 15-year-old Australian schoolgirl
> with an interest in science and history is now aware that everythijng
> is certainly not kosher in the scientific discipline of physical
> anthropology and its related fields.

I wouldn't bet on her being "now aware". I'm sure she has a mind of her
own and reads your posts with a critical eye.

> She now knows that only deceipt, dishonesty, collusion and conspriacy
> has prevented the abolishment and total abandonment
> of a Santa Claus fantasy about man's inhuman ancestry.

You're really fired up, aren't you.

> Yet, despite the total absence of what honest scientists would regard
> as scientific evidence, this fictional fable has remained afloat for
> many decades, continually poisoning the minds of thousands upon
> thousands upon MULTI-thousands of impressionable youth.

You're religious, I'm not. My view of life is flexible and won't crack
if I stumble upon facts that don't match with what I thought before. If
someone tells you (and they obviously do all the time) something that
doesn't fit in your religion you immediately try to fight them down. Now
let the impressionable youth make up their own minds. Go ahead and point
them in your direction but don't fight others who wants to give them
another viewpoint.

Dan Ull€n

References, references, please references.