Re: Are we "special"?

Thomas Clarke (
9 Dec 1996 03:26:14 GMT

In article <> Phillip Bigelow <> writes:
>> >Paul Crowley <> wrote in article

>> >> In a sense, we all know that we are "special",

>You know, Paul, you believers are in a special club of your own,
>did you know that?
>To illustrate my point, I am reposting a part of a post from one
>of the Internet's biggest Creationist Net-loons (who goes by the
>name of "Ed Conrad":

Oh. I had no idea.
So the word "special" is a red-flag indicating creationism?
I have already stubbed my toes on "purpose".

Do you have a list of red-flag words you could post, or
provide a pointer for words that should be avoided?

Tom Clarke