Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

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9 Dec 1996 01:47:29 GMT wrote in article
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> >Most modern humans have an ancestral background in which
> >polygamic mating systems were normal. These tend to
> >sexual dimorphism, which explains why it still exists
> >today. The impact of two thousand years of Christian
> >monogamy haven't made much impact yet.
> Since monogamy seems to be a practice in lots of
non-Christian areas of
> the world, you have a lot of data to explain away.

JW: I'm not sure I fully understand your comment here. Are
you suggesting that there is no sexual dimorphism in the
world today?

My comments on polygamic mating systems concerned the
ancestors of present day humans. By this I meant people
living 5 to 50 kyrs BP. As I understand it, most such
people either hunted herding animals, or herded such
animals. Herding environments tend to encourage polygamic
mating systems in the herding animals, and sometimes their