Re: Lumper or Splitter?

Diarmid Murray (
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 00:14:02 GMT

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"Rohinton Collins" <> writes:

> In an attempt to inject some *scientific* discussion into this group lets
> have some opinions on the following:

> 1. Is the 'hit-and-miss' process of classification of fossil taxa more
> likely to lead to lumping or splitting?

> 2. Is it safe to assume that variation within extinct taxa would be similar
> to the variation seen within extant taxa, bearing in mind that millions of
> years may separate fossils believed to be in the same species?

> 3. Following on from 1 and 2, do you think that the specimens classified as
> H. habilis are representative of a single species?(snup)

Execellent Roh, I'll be reposting on this once i've thought about it,
good move and interesting questions.