Re: Why Large Gap Between Species...?

Phillip Bigelow (
Sat, 07 Dec 1996 21:02:29 -0800

Nat Turner wrote:
> In article <>,
> Noel Dickover <> wrote:

> >I don't think we can rule out the possibility that these groups could
> >still breed with one another, and that, through time, they evolved into a
> >single species.

> Wait a minute, let's get some clarification here -- Can a man impregnate
> a chimp or ape?
> Is it biologically possible?

No it is not possible. But that doesn't preclude the possibility that
the earliest chimp *ancestors* couldn't have occassionally
interbred with the earliest hominid *ancestors*. We will never
know for sure. Interbreeding, or even (interbreeding + anagenesis),
could effectively wipe-out a distinct genetic population in a
geologic-instant, and be a lot less messy at it than would
interspecific warfare.