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5 Dec 1996 17:08:05 GMT

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>Bob Keeter <> wrote:
>>If you want something REALLY tasty sounding, check out the fine old
>>Scottish recipe for "haggis"! Now THAT will leave your lunch on your
>>keyboard! 8-)))
>Ah yes, heart and lungs, fat, cereal and part of an animals gut.

That is actually the recipe for a hamburger produced by a well known
fast food chain with a scottish name. As I recall the mix is not
supposed to exceed 20% fat and 20% cereal. Mixed in with the heart
and lungs are most of the other internal organs.

All of this is mixed together on a concrete slab with a rusty shovel
(to give it iron and calcium carbonate) and then fed into a patty
machine ...

>Delish. Well, it can be. :-)

>Seriously though, if that bothers you, don't ever eat another processed
>meat product. At least you know what's in a haggis. All the same stuff
>and goodness knows what else is in that fine old American recipe for "hot
>Take me out to the ball game, hoo haa. (Yep, balls are in there too...)

Maybe you have to be scottish to appreciate it
>Bill Burnett