Re: Are we "special"?

Bill Burnett (
3 Dec 1996 15:37:50 GMT

"John Waters" <> wrote:

>>Consider the little matter of human multi-age broods of
>>young. Apes have single-age broods. In fact, the human
>>species is the only species of mammal to rear multi-age
>>broods of infants to maturity.

How about kangaroos?

>Come to that, they are the
>>only species of animal to raise multi-age broods to
>>maturity. Enough to ensure putting them in a separate
>>Phylum, if they were another animal.

Just us and Skippy, huh? Oh, hang on, what about elephants?

>>But they are not. They
>>are not allowed to be different. It would be politically

No, it would be silly.