Stop this thread please Re: CROSSING THE BERING STRAIT? How ridiculous!

Domingo Martinez-Castilla (
Sat, 30 Nov 96 05:47:56 GMT

Ed Conrad is at it with a new non-theory. He proposes that something did not
happen, and this time he does it in a very unusual way, assuming that the
crossing happened after some "tribal" leader decided to go to America in a
given day. No comments.

Please stop this thread. It goes nowhere as stated. If he has some
alternative to the crossing, other than his 500 million year coal skull (about
which we already know enough, so do not push it), it may be valid for him to
post something.

Between him and that Bob guy of PC fame, we are losing this forum. The best
way to recover it is to ignore them and keep talking about what most people
here are interested on.

They are becoming experts into irking some well-intentioned people into
following them up and providing them with ego trips, I suppose.



Domingo Martinez Castilla