Re: Hominid fossils FAQ file

Phil Nicholls (
28 Dec 1994 21:30:55 GMT

In article <3dsaoc$>,
Steve ThM <> wrote:
>Let's see . . . I think it was Darwin himself who said that there ought
>to be so many transitional stages in the fossil record that one would trip
>over them as he stepped out his back door.

Really? Where did Darwin say this exactly?

>C'mon . . . they simply are not there. Honesty is the best policy . . .
>even here of all places.
>Why, based on a kind of "religious" dogmatic faith, do far too many
>"scientists" continue looking for something that they hope will keep them
>from accountability of their own personal lives . . . to the Creator?
>Oblivion is not the end after death!

Look, Steve, if you are a creationist looking for an argument, please
go over to, a newsgroup specifically for that discussion.
No one here is interested.

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