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25 Dec 1994 04:57:44 GMT

Pete Vincent <VINCENT@TRIUMF.CA> wrote:
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>` What about the Yakut? It is a modern day horse currently living in the
>` "coldest" areas of the Yakut territory in the Arctic circle.
>I wasn't disputing the existence of horses there, but their
>domestication, and particularly their use as mounts.. The open
>plains of the ukraine would be a much more practical place for
>equine transportation. In siberia, I don't imagine a mounted
>traveller would have any advantage over one on foot, although the
>horse could possibly still be useful as a pack animal. The early
>bridles of which I'm aware were uncovered in the ukraine.

Actually, I would assume it would be easier to domesticate animals in
areas such as siberia. Earlier animals could be captured and
domesticated and used in similar ways to the reindeer. And out of sheer
laziness, I'd take a harnessed animal over my own two feet in following
migration patterns of other animals for food.

But then, it is the forest and steppe horses which are the basis of the
breeding of the warmbloods. It is possibly more than likely that they
would be the first domesticated.

(Remember folks, I'm not an anthroplogist or archaeologist...I'm just
going on what I know about horses. I'm also a tad sorry I am not at work
to do some research into this interesting topic.) :)

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