Re: Equids

Phillip Bigelow (
Sun, 25 Dec 1994 02:04:03 GMT (whittet) writes:

>If you have a firm date for the extinction of the horse in the
>New World, I would be delighted to see have you cite your sources.

The references you seek that show the extinction of the North American
Equus within the late Pleistocene are:

MacFadden, B.J., 1985. Patterns of phylogeny and rates of evolution in
fossil horses: Hipparions from the Miocene and Pliocene of North
America. _Paleobiology_ v. 11, pp. 245-257.

MacFadden, B.J., 1988. Horses, the fossil record, and evolution.
_Evolutionary Biology_, v. 22, pp. 131-158.

>> The fossil evidence I've heard /read about says that the
>>Pleistocene American Horse was about the same as the Polish Wild
>>Horse that still survives.

The North American fossil horse (the Pleistocene species) was of a
different species than the Eurasian species. The Eurasian species is the
horse we have today, including all of the breeds. Where are your sources on
your claim?