Re: Okay seriously now (AAT again)

Pat Dooley (
23 Dec 1994 01:57:54 -0500

>This is a far cry from the characterization offerred by Pat that
>A. afarensis walked like she was wearing flippers. Sussman and
>Stern attribute the inefficience to retention of some arboreal
>adaptation. How this helps the AAH position is beyond me.

I was quoting Roger Lewin. I've heard the arboreal adaptation line
before but it leaves a lot of questions open. Chimps and Gorillas
are less arboreal than their common ancestor (and ours). They
are spend most of their time on the ground. Our ancesors, according to
stayed in the trees longer or went back to the trees before
returning to the ground, much more erect and bipedal than other
apes. I couldn't accept such an evolutionary U-turn without
lots of fossil evidence.

Pat D