WIlliam C. Wilson (
21 Dec 1994 01:50:49 GMT

Just a couple of comments and questions on this .

1)we AREN'T hairless, take a GOOD look at your arms, chest,
legs, etc. This works beautifully as a means of increasing the surface
area for evaporation without creating an insulating layer that
traps the heat.

2)The fossil evidence seems to be reasonably complete back to
about 4-6 MYA. This is the point where genetic evidence shows we
seperated from the Gorilla and Chimp lines. Is your Aquatic Ape
before or after this point?
A)If it is after, where are your fossils?
B)If it is before, where are your fossils, and why weren't the
gorilla and chimpanzee lines equally affected by this
common ancestor?