Re: Okay seriously now (AAT again)

Phillip Bigelow (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 20:38:52 GMT (Bryce Harrington) writes:

>And if we were adapted for the savannah, why do I get such bad
>sunburns when I'm out without a shirt on for so long, and why can't I
>stand sitting in the nude in my house unless the temperature is above
>75 degrees? :-)
>Sorry for the sarcasm, please ignore it. This is the hypothermia
>argument, but phrased a little differently.

You get such a bad sunburn because you are, most likely, Caucasian. The
_present_ human occupants of the African savannah are exquisitly designed
for a savannah existence. They have dark pigmentation in their skin, which
doesn't burn as easily. Bryce, since the aquatic ape proponents go to such
detail in their hypotheses, could you enlighten the rest of us as to what
skin tone your hypothetical aquatic ape had? :)