The Alternative Aquatic Ape

Jonathan E. Feinstein (
Fri, 16 Dec 1994 02:42:40 GMT

Just a quick notion that occured to me today...

Anyone who lives near a coastline or a lake can tell you that
we modern humans spend quite a bit of our leisure time in or near
the water. Proponants might say that this behavior is obviously a
trait left over from our aquatic stage, but there's an alternative.

Who's to say just when humans developed the supposed aquatic traits
since most of them involve soft tissues that don't fossilize? What if we
didn't acquire them before the development of Australopithecines, but
instead adapted toward a watery habitat since then?

So, perhaps there is an aquatic ape in our lineage, but we're it!



PS. Okay, folks go ahead an have fun!

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