Re: Where are the zoologists?

Bryce Harrington (
14 Dec 1994 18:20:44 -0800

In article <3cluek$> (Pat Dooley) writes:
>In article <3cipq6$>, (Joel Hanes) writes:
>>Both anthropologists and vert. paleontologists are
>>aware of the general falsity of "strict adaptionism" --
>>the idea that every feature of an organism is to be
>>explained, somehow, as an adaption to some selective

I could believe this if the feature was sometimes present, sometimes
not, for example blue eyes, inny-belly buttons, left-handedness, etc.
But for features which are dominant and universal throughout the
entire species, like the nose, hairlessness, adiapose fat, bipedalism,
etc. there needs to be an explanation.