Re: Okay seriously now (AAT again)

Pat Dooley (
13 Dec 1994 21:55:57 -0500

In article <>, (R. Jabbour) writes:

(Elizabeth S Nesseler) writes:
|> Humans are the
|> only animals stupid enough to run marathons.

>Dogs also can and do run down prey in endurance contests.


And humans can only run marathons if they replenish body fluids and
while they do it, especially in hot climates. Despite those wondeful
of human ancestors running down prey, the sad fact of the matter is that
any human would be be so easily out-paced by any savannah mammal, that
they would only be able to catch the lame (occasionally), the dying
and the dead (mostly). If humans had a savannah ancestor then she was a

Pat Dooley