Re: Relative Lung Capacity

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11 Dec 1994 15:03:21 GMT

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Pat Dooley <> wrote:
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>(Aliza R. Panitz) writes:
>>I recently saw a drawing of some hominid skeletons, and the most
>>striking difference between Homo and Australopithecus seemed to
>>be the relative size and shape of the ribcage.
>Try measuring the ratios of leg length to height and foot length to
>leg length. Then try to demonstrate that Australopithecus was on
>its way to become the great endurance savannah runner that we
>were allegedly descended from.
>Pat D responding to a minor point to make a bigger one.

Have you actually done this Pat? What figures did you obtain?
Have you perhaps also looked at Lucy's arms and noted that the
fact that she has short legs relative to the arms and that the
leg proportions are consistant with an arboreal ape?

Lucy's lower limbs are very similar to those of the pygmie
chimpanzee, which is not an aquatic animal.

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