Re: Neanderthals and speech

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Fri, 2 Dec 1994 14:52:54 GMT

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>Subject: Re: Neanderthals and speech
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> (Todd Sieling) writes:
>>One theory about why Neanderthals died out suggests that they could not
>>achieve as fully developed a language as humans existing at the same time
>>could. [...]

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>Jacques Guy <> responded:
>>Indeed, I have seen this argument time and again. But it amounts to nonsense
>>when you think carefully about it. Firstly, why should have Neanderthals
>>died out from lack of language? Innumerable animal species lack language.
>>Have *they* died out? So this argument does not hold water.

>I believe that all species lacking language that came into direct niche
>competition with species having language have died out.

> - Aliza