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Actually, the strength of the AAH is in its ability to unite all the
differences between Humans and the other apes into a unified theory. The
problem with the AAH is that no primates have made the transition to
aquatic environments(although the probiscus monkey is on the verge).
What's worse, few animals have made the reverse transition; going aquatic
has been a one way street.

The AAH does have geology and DNA/Virus evidence going for it. The
long dried up inland sea of Afar provides a locale and a reason why the
reversal occurred. The DNA/Virus evidence suggests our ancestors were
out of mainland Africa after separation from the chimp/human ancestor
10 mya while the fossil evidence has Lucy back in North-East Africa
about 3.5 mya.

The original Morgan book should be compared with the efforts of
Robert Ardrey. Try "Scars of Evolution" for an update.

Pat D yet again.