Re: AAT and swimming

Loopy Lemon (
10 Dec 1994 06:00:06 GMT

I have to correct something here. I took a course in forensic anthropology
and you obviously haven't looked into this topic at all.

In article <3cbd7h$>, (Pat
Dooley) wrote:

> little nostril flaring perhaps and that's it. Things that don't move don't
> have much muscle to move them. Think about the modern variation in noses.
> Asian and African noses
> compared to Middle Eastern noses, for example. I don't think you could
> find
> skeletal evidence for that variation.

Completely false. The bones do have different shapes in Africans,
Caucasians, and Asians; in fact if you are trying to identify the ancestry
of a skull (Asian vs. African vs. Caucasian), the nose is one of the best
places to look.

> So, it is going to be REAL hard to reconstruct noses based on skeletal and
> muscle attacment analysis.

Not at all. I agree that you wouldn't use muscle attachments, but you can
deduce the overall shape of the nose from the bones. Forensic
anthropologists do this all the time when trying to identify bodies, with
pretty good accuracy. How do we know they're accurate? because when a
person is successfully identified, we can look at actual photos from when
they were alive.

Please check your facts before making assertions like this.