Re: Polar Bear Challenge for AAH opponents
Wed, 7 Dec 1994 21:57:52 EST

In article <lmm5-071294025501@>, (loopy) says:
>If you gave me a polar bear skeleton (or even a carcass with flesh) there
>is no WAY I would claim it was aquatic. It might be true but I would have
>no ground to stand on. As Phil Bigelow (more or less) said, arguing about
>an unprovable hypothesis may be fun but it is a waste of scientific time
>and energy.
>If you can't know something, you can't argue for it.

A truly unprovable hypothesis, which no imaginable experiment or
observation could prove right or wrong, generally is a waste of time,
but aside from arguments from human physiology and genetics, the
AAH makes a claim I'd like to see tested: that there were semi-
aquatic hominids in the Danakil Alps approx. 5 million years ago.

I'm not convinced that the AAH is true, but I'm willing to put
up fifty dollars as my contribution if any qualified digger is
going to Eritrea to look for AA skeletons.

Some of you may remember my AAH challenge a few weeks ago; ifno
one could refute the baboon virus argument for the Danakil/aquatic
hypothesis to my satisfaction, I'd contribute $50 to such a search.
If someone could refute it, I'd contribute the money to his
favorite charity.It has not been answered to my satisfaction,
although there were some interesting discussions. Please let me
know if you hear about anyone digging for australopithecine bones
in Eritrea.

Nicholas Rosen

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