Re: AAT and swimming

Pat Dooley (
6 Dec 1994 01:25:22 -0500

In article <>, (Jon. Feinstein)

Hmmm, the nose argument's been bothering me and I just realized why.
So far every reconstruction of Autralopithicine noses have had more in
common with ape noses than those of modern humans. So either all
are descended from an aquatic critter (possibly a prosimian!) or the whole

nose argument has to be dropped since the modern nose is probably a
development of the later species of genus Homo.

Noses don't fossilise and the AAH people haven't been doing the
Who's to say what Australopithecine noses looked like? Any comment on
when the developed, in the absence of any theory of evidence, is pure
on Jon's part.

Pat D