Re: Physical anthro / primatology grad schools?

Phil Nicholls (
6 Dec 1994 00:55:40 GMT

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S Campbell <> wrote:
>Can anybody out there suggest some good American graduate schools that
>are strong in both physical anthropology and primatology? I am due to
>graduate from USC in anthropology in May, but I am completing my final
>year here in Edinburgh, Scotland and feel very cut off from normal
>resources that would allow me to find this information on my own! I have
>already applied to the University of Michigan, Northwestern, Harvard and SUNY
>Stonybrook. I would like to apply to 3 or 4 more schools, just to keep
>my options open.
>Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, along with information
>perhaps on some individuals at the universities doing related research.
>I am borrowing this account, so could any replys please be sent directly
>to my e-mail account:
>Many thanks in advance,
>Stephanie Jaffee

Contact Eric Delson at the American Museum of Natural History for
information about the NYCEP (New York Consortium for Evolutionary

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