Re: Physical anthro / primatology grad schools?

Maire P. Crowley (
5 Dec 1994 18:19:19 GMT

In article <>,
S Campbell <> wrote:
>Can anybody out there suggest some good American graduate schools that
>are strong in both physical anthropology and primatology?

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>Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, along with information
>perhaps on some individuals at the universities doing related research.
>I am borrowing this account, so could any replys please be sent directly
>to my e-mail account:
>Many thanks in advance,
>Stephanie Jaffee

Could people requesting information on grad programs in general try to
phrase their requests to ask people to post to this newsgroup rather than ask
for direct e-mails? As a senior who is currently seriously thinking
seriously about applying to grad school, I follow such postings with
intense interest, and I am sure lots of other people do too.


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