Re: Neanderthals (more, more, more....ah!)

whittet (
4 Dec 1994 17:59:14 GMT

In article <>, <> says:
>You will not believe this! I have been a closet Neanderphile for several
>years! Yep. Ever since I read of their "art" - you know, those cool
>mixed-media pieces of theirs (bear skulls surrounded in contour by

(Mega deleation)

>Does anyone out there have any interpretations of Neanderthal art?

I think you might find the rock art in the book
"The Prehistory and Protohistory of the Arabian peninsula", Vol.1,
by Dr. Muhammed Abdul Nayeem,
Hyderabad publishers, Hyderabad(India), 1990, interesting.

In particular as it relates to the iconization of territitorial markers,
as protolinguistic communications.


>I was surpised that some people out here doubt that my proto-human
>buddies from the past could speak. I thought this was beyond doubt.
>You know, it's not like language just kind of popped into being.
>Isn't there evidence that homo habilis spoke, even?
>Write to me Neanderphiles!
> Dan G
>P.S. Has anyone ever written/compiled a book of Neanderthal art?