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Phil Nicholls (
4 Dec 1994 00:47:32 GMT

In article <>, Sasha Haghani <> wrote:
>Hi there. I'm posting on behalf of a friend of mine who is studying
>Anthropology here at the University of Toronto. She is doing a research
>essay on the following topics:
>How cultural factors affect the biological processes in human societies,
>considering examples of gene flow, genetic drift, migration, mate selection,
>natural selection and reproductive processes.
>How medicine leads to artificial selection, as opposed to natural selection,
>in human societies.
>Any information you can recommend, including books, audio/visual material,
>periodicals, studies, essays or information available electronically on the
>Internet (via FTP, Gopher, Telnet, Usenet, Mail, WWW or otherwise), on the
>above topics would be much appreciated.
>Thank You, in advance, for any help or input.
>Sasha Haghani ... Toronto, Canada ... ...

My first advice would be to narrow your topic down. The ones you have
thrown out could maybe be covered in five or six good books.

Try picking a particular aspect of human anatomy or physiology in which
culture has hand a impact on its evolution. Focus on a particular group
rather than all of humanity.

Good luck

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