Re: Neanderthals as dead end?

Robert Beyer (
24 Nov 1994 05:25:47 GMT

In <3arqg8$> (HARRY R. ERWIN)

>: (material expurgated.......)
>: Given that the neanderthals were probably 'white' and the Cro-Magnons
>: 'black' in skin color (the Cro-Magnons were tropic-adapted),
>: Caucasian racial characteristics may well go back to H.
>: neanderthalensis.
> (material expurgated......)
>Their skin color was probably light after 100,000 years in Europe, >
>while the Cro-Magnons were probably dark, given their tropical-adapted
>body proportions, so if any genes were transmitted, skin color would
>have been in the list.
>Verstehen Sie?
>Harry Erwin

It was the above statements which prompted my original request for
sources. Since you have not provided any, should I conclude that you
are the originator of this thesis?

May I assume that since you changed the word "black" to "dark", the word
"white" to "light", and the phrase "Caucasian racial characteristics" to
"skin color", that you are backing away from your original and as yet
unsubstantiated statements?

I noticed that you switched from "Cheers" to "Verstehen Sie?" Are you
really concerned that I might not comprehend your posting? I can easily
see why you might have such an apprehension. However, I have
a queasy feeling that it€s more likely a not too subtle attempt at an ad
hominem attack. If so, why be devious? Flame away! It's certainly a hell
of a lot easier than logic and research.

No apologies,
Robert Beyer