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27 Aug 1996 11:45:38 -0400

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>Imagine instead written of Europeans:
> Recent researches have suggested that they may be the result of
> interbreeding between between an original population of "Homo
> neanderthalus" and the earliest members of "Homo sapiens."

Actually, that HAS been written.

And most likely by people who have seen my sloped forehead, large nose, and
massive browridge.

There are some who maintain that neanderthal genes are still present in
european populations. And there are some who maintain that there was no
speciation event between H. erectus and H. sapien and that the last hominid
speciation event took place between H. habalis and H. erectus.

Personally I don't find anything offensive about people theorizing that my
lineage is mixed with that of Neanderthals. Superficial evidence of that
theory stares back it me from the mirror as I brush the large teeth in my
big jaw each morning (and evening too, plus after lunch if I have the time).

Somebody theorizing that a H. erectus and H. sapien cross breed and were
the decendents of the modern day australian aboriginals doesn't neccessarily
offend me either. Show me the evidence and I'll judge the validity of the
claim. If it's true then it would definetly support those who maintain that
there was no speciation even between H. erectus and H. sapien (in which case
I suppose we would all be Homo erectus sapiens). If they're proposing this
theory to support some sort of agenda that australian aboriginals are somehow
a genetically inferior "race" then I'll be offended.

Theories about hominization are as many and varied as fossilized hominid bones.
This is what makes paleoanthropology so very fascinating to me. It's like
trying to put together a puzzle without a picture on the box and without
all the pieces.

(H. sapien neanderthalus from hell!!)

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