Re: local evolutions

C. Marc Wagner @ UCS (@)
Thu, 22 Aug 1996 09:35:48 -0500

Yousuf Khan wrote:
> Hello, I'm an interested amateur. I am interested in a theory
> espoused by some anthropologists whose names eludes me right now.
> They are the ones who believe that homo sapiens evolved out of
> all of the regionalized pockets of homo erectuses already in
> existence throughout the world at that time.

I think that this theory has begun to fall out of favor in recent years
as genetic evidence has come down on the side of the "Out of Africa"
theory that several times in the past Hominids have migrated out of
Africa. If I understand it correctly, the genetic evidence suggests
that all living Homo sapiens sapiens are descended from a single female
who lived around 800KYA. Much later than Homo erectus left Africa.

Other studies suggest that genetic diversity among Africans is much
greater than among non-Africans, also supporting a "recent" migration
"Out of Africa."

Personally, I doubt that a "parallel evolution" of Homo erectus,
happening simultaneously all over the World could have resulted in a
single species rather then a number of variant species incapable of
interbreeding. There just doesn't seen to be enough opportunity for
mixing of stock to avoid divergent evolution of such groups.

> Also, would like some sites devoted to the aquatic ape theory,
> both pro and con (if possible). Sounds fascinating.

The AAT (Aquatic Ape Theory) has been FLAMED a great deal in this
newsgroup over the last few months. I get the sense that few in the
field put much credence in it. I am sorry that I cannot direct you to
more information.

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