Re: Waking up covered in dew

T&B Schmal (
Sat, 17 Aug 1996 01:24:22 +0000

In article <4utf4p$>, V. Hughson) wrote:

> Dew forms on objects that are cooler than the dewpoint. Since humans, like
> all other mammals, maintain a relatively high internal temperature, it is
> difficult to imagine a situation where the skin temperature would be below
> the dewpoint.
> Dew might form on a corpse, but not on a living person.
> Roy

That observation would normally throw a wet blanket over everyone but no
one wants to hear about it. I will add that I always park under a tree
and stay dew-free and only my wife's car, parked in the open, gets covered
in dew.

So a) dew doesn't form on living humans and b) if it did, they could stop
it by sleeping under a tree.

Tom Schmal