Re: Waking up covered in dew

Nick Maclaren (
12 Aug 1996 08:42:35 GMT

In article <4ul58a$>, (MFeldman77) writes:
|> As any of us campers know (those of us who like to sleep outside the
|> tent), dew does not form on warm blooded skin. Dew is water condensation
|> on a cooled surface. Now the problem would be finding a surface to sleep
|> on, or keeping warm to begin with.

Um. Not quite. Dew forms quite effectively on naked skin if the
dew point is below the skin temperature, and I have had dew on my
skin in the UK. If you go around naked or near-naked in cold
conditions, your skin temperature is likely to be under 50 degrees
Fahrenheit (and quite likely under 40).

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