Re: America's White Injuns

duncan (
Mon, 12 Aug 96 10:55:36 GMT

In article <> I wrote:

> Nothing better illustrates the dangers of uncontrolled immigration
> than the fate of America's indigenous stock, the Aryan Ainu quietists, who got
> wiped out when the Mongolids swarmed over the Bering Strait.

Suddenly my mailbox is jammed asking me for evidence of this. EVIDENCE
for Chrissakes?!!! there's O. J. Chimpson still running around and you're
asking me for evidence. Sheesh!
Let's go with the flow, people, and reclaim America. Shut off the
immigration valve and if there ain't enough Whites to go around, then let
Natural wastage return the land to its next-but-one rightful owners, the
Injuns. (Actually, I'd like to hear the Libruls' reply to THAT one).

D. MacMillan
Department of Theoretical Anthropolgy and Creative Writing.