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>I first revealed this on the 'Net in 1991, and since then I have been
>getting the "Copernicus Treatment"
> However, it is interesting to note all the attention the Academic
>community has been giving to the Sphinx since that time, especially
>trying to persuade the public that it is really millions of years old
>with cheap television tricks!
> If you haven't heard by now, here is the deal: Try holding up a
>of the Sphinx next to a picture of a Homo Erectus skull.
> Pretty similar eh?
> This should tell you a few things. One: The Homo Erectus hominids did

>not look any more like chimps than we do. They looked like us except
>they had a rather different skull shape.
> Two: They were smart enough to build statues of themselves at the
> Three: Chances are that the Homo Erectus hominids fluorished rather
>recently than scientists would suggest.
> Still not convinced? Try looking at other Old Kingdom artwork,
>particularly the way the skulls are depicted. One of the most obvious
>the "Narmer Palette", that you may find in any good book on
> The Narmer Palette clearly shows a hominid with the height and shape
>a Homo Erectus bashing the brains out of another shorter hominid
>like a Australopithecus.
> For those of you too lazy to look it up, believe me when I say that
>these hominids are not covered with hair. Scientists need to start
>reconstructing human features on these early humans and stop trying to

>make them out as half-apes.
> What is the explanation? The oldest historical documents attest. All
>the hominids died out with the exception of Homo Sapiens. Agreed? Homo

>Sapiens culture may be traced back in all directions to the area
>Mount Ararat.
> Here's a trivia question for you. What do Somalia and the Republic of

>Georgia have in common? (Besides that parts of both are separatist,
>unrecognised states?)
> Give up? Both Somalis and Georgians trace their ancestry all the way
>back to Noah. Of course, so does everybody else in between. Noahs
>children, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, all have peoples claiming to be
>descendants. Somalis being Cushitic will admit to being named for
>son Cush. Georgians are traditionally descended from Japheth's son
>Meshech. And of course, most of the peoples in between are Semitic.
> There are a number of extra-biblical books that were revered by the
>ancients that describe the world before Noah and the hominids who
>then - the Naphil, Elyo, Elyud, Watchers, etc. These books were
>by the Dead Sea Scroll people, and one of them, Enoch, is even quoted
>the New Testament proving that the earliest Christians had inherited
>them. Other titles include Jubilees, and the books of Adam and Eve.
>these books we may piece together the true explanation of why the
>is shaped like a Homo Erectus, an explanation that Science simply
> The descendants of Seth (Homo Habilis) at one point lived in the
>mountain range that includes Mecca. The descendants of Cain
>(Australopithecus) lived in the Nile valley region. At this time the
>Sea was merely a river that separated them, but it was taboo for the
>Sethites to even want to have anything to do with the Cainites. Some
>the Sethites would nevertheless go to the edge of the mountain and
> hence the term Watchers. The Cainites revered the Sethites as gods,
>main one was called Set, and would gather at the foot of the mountain
>across the river right below where they would watch from and try to
>entice them into coming down. Well, eventually the Watchers disobeyed
>their taboo and to a man they all came down off the mountain and
>the Cainites in the Nile valley. The only Sethites to remain were
>immediate ancestors.
> Once Homo habilis bred with Australopithecus, the resultant
>was much larger than either and were called Giants. Today we know them
>Homo Erectus. These giants were a cruel lot, they chased their parents

>south into the veldt and proceeded to defile all the continents with
>their bloodthirsty and corrupt ways. As some of them produced other
>strains by re-crossing with one or another of the parental types, they

>fought fantastic wars with one another that raged all over the globe.
>Most of the fighting centered in Europe, between the basic Erectus
>and a hybrid Neanderthal type. If we could see these people today they

>might look more like elves to us than people. See also the cave art in

>France, clearly showing a hominid chin when they drew themselves.
> Well, as you may of guessed all of these races are now extinct by
>reason, historians tell us, of the gigantic flood caused by rain and
>melting ice caps. At least that's what historians said until around
>year 1900 when a "new truth" was fabricated in all the schools. But
>that's another story.
> Shem, Ham, and Japheth married wives of three different coloured of
>these "elven" type races. Jubilees provides us with their names.
>Sedeqetelebab was the ancestress of the Shemite races, Adatanesis of
>Japhetic races, and Nayella Tomahawk was the mother of Ham's children.
>was just as surprised as anyone to find a Indian word like Tomahawk in

>the Dead Sea Scrolls, but there it is.
> Everyone living on Earth today of whatever race is Homo Sapiens,
>that's what you get when you cross these pre-diluvian strains with the

>pure strain represented by Ham, Shem, and Japheth.
> Another interesting thing is that to my eyes at least, Homo Erectus
>seems to have more qualities in common with a bovine (cow) skull than
>ape. And Neanderthal seems to have more in common with a sheep skull.
> maybe that's just me - I certainly don't wish to suggest that humans
>descended directly from cows and sheep! It's probably just the way
>re-uses some of the same patterns in her ever-hidden work-shop.
> How old is the Earth? How old is mankind? If you believe
>a lot older than it really is.
> If you believe Jubilees, the Exodus took place in the Year of the
>2410. Based on the supporting evidence of the Tell el-Amarna Letters,
>have dated the Exodus to 1417 BC. So the first year of human history
>begins in 2410 + 1417 or 3827 B.C. Plus 1996 years AD gives us the
>present year of the world 5823.
> Of course, the first six "days" may well have been much longer than
>hours each since the Sun and Earth hadn't even been created yet!
> Watch for my forthcoming bestseller, "How the Sphinx debunked Science

>once and for all"
> By the way - someone once asked me if this means that the Sphinx
>debunked particle physics.
> My answer is, "debunk" means "take the bunk out of", not "utterly
> Cool runnins
> U know who

>>>>>>{So says artyfact@ix>>>>>>>> As far as each "day" of
the creation being more than a twenty four hour period, I agree with
you. There were no night and day. See "I always wondered"