Re: Civilization and Evolution

Jan B€hme (
Wed, 07 Aug 1996 15:30:52 GMT (Turbo17930) wrote:

>"Civilization", as commonly understood, is a negative evolutionary trait.
>Specifically, I mean that the modern world of man is a recessionary
>trait, and will eventually result in Man's disappearance from earth.

>Example? Resource use. Only a blind fool fails to recognize that humanity
>consuming the finite resourses available to us. What then?

Indeed, what then? The collapse of our civilisation is one thing, the
extinction of man quite another. Man's success as an animal is largely
caused by his extreme adaptability and his ability to withstand highly
adverse situations.

Man is a highly successful mammal, and was so long before
resource-consuming civilisations entered the scene. There is no reason
to suppose that he will stop to be so if, or when, civilisation as we
know it exits the scene, either.

I humbly suggest that speculations such as the above have more to do
with the upcoming millenium shift than with the ecology of man.

Jan Bohme