If you want to know more about Orangs,

Ludvig M€rtberg (lugmog95@student.umu.se)
Fri, 02 Aug 1996 16:23:42 GMT

check out "Orang-utan Biology" a volume of articles on the biology of
orang-utans edited by Jeffrey H. Schwartz. He contributes himself with
one article "History, Morphology, Paleontology, and Evolution" which
has tables of possible synapomorphies linking hominids with
sivapithecus/pongo and also for the conflicting theory that we are
closest to African Apes. Who wins? Read it!

There are also articles in this volume on sexual behavior, teeth,
brain etc, all and all 25 articles. Well worth your time.

JHS has also published "The Red Ape" in which he tries to bring his
theory of us beeing closest to orangs to a larger audience. Very good
popular science I think. And there is material in his book "What the
bones tell us". And in Nature VOL. 308 APRIL 1984 page 501 there is an
article: "The evolutionary relationships of man and orang-utans".

BTW, anybody know if there are any books like "Orang-utan Biology"
published on african apes? That deals in detail with their biology?


Ludvig M€rtberg