Re: Orangs as Closest

1 Aug 1996 15:05:31 GMT

Matthew O. Fraser ( wrote:
: Hey All,

: Anyone up on the hypothesis that Orangs are humans' closest extant relative?

: I did my undergraduate training with Jeffrey Schwartz at Pitt, and he
: authored a book on the subject, but it was a couple of years after I
: graduated.

: How do you folks feel about it?

Unlikely based on anatomy and recently collected fossils, but possible.
BTW, I entered the new data on Ankarapithecus meteai into my database last
night. Nothing conclusive, although it looks a bit later than
Lufengpithecus and close to the ancestry of the orthograde hominoids. The
whole Lufengpithecus/Ankarapithecus/Sivapithecus/Dryopithecus/
Ouranopithecus area is a morass.

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