Re: What Would Sex With A Apith Been Like...?

Steve Price (
28 Aug 1995 14:09:26 -0700

In article <416uh2$>, pete wrote:
> Steve Price ( sez:
> `Hehehe, this was so lucid, I had to xpost this to a.n.k.
> `What do you think, guys? Does BARD get to be King Kook of s.p.a.?
> `Or is he just a mendicant?
> Well, let's see: first of all, the home of all discerning kookwatchers
> is alt.usenet.kooks.

Crud, thanks for the correct group.

> And, as a long time regular and talent scout
> for a.u.k., I can tell you, bard barely moves the needle on
> the kook.meter.

Ah, but BARD is the only regular kook on s.p.a. :(

I know he's not on the scale of Ted Holden or Plutonium, but he's all we've

> He belongs in the lesser category, net.nuisance.
> The only award he'd qualify for is the Golden Killfile Trophy,
> awarded more or less monthly to the net.nuisance most deserving
> of being erased from the conscious attention of newgroup participants.

Oh, he's made that level quite well here.

> Of course, in order to carry the vote, you'd have to provide
> lot's of posts to support your case, and do some campaigning...
> Generally the nominee has to be a really memorable pain in the
> ass before people are sufficiently motivated to go to all
> that trouble.

Oh, ok. Well, I think about 90% of the regulars here don't like and/or
have put BARD in their kill files.

But, I haven't saved any of BARDs posts. It sounds crazy to do so, but
now I see a purpose for such.

Ok BARD, post away and just be yourself!

Steve Price