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26 Aug 1995 12:56:28 -0500

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Jim Foley <> wrote:
>Now, I would have interpreted that to mean that Neandertals evolved
>facial features to handle the stresses of using teeth and jaws for
>non-eating purposes. But Klein's wording is vague enough (especially in
>the first sentence, second paragraph) that I can't rule out the
>alternative explanation that dental loading could directly cause these
>facial features in an individual with no genetic predisposition towards
>What is Klein saying here? And what do others think?

I'd guess you need to look at the the morphology in juveniles, as well as
juveniles in 'genetically prognathic' earlier species. If the juveniles in
the earlier species are prognathic from a very young age, then you would
know that so should Neandertals, *if* it was a genetic designation.
However, if the prognathism doesn't develop until, say, midl-to-late
teens, that would be a better indicator, I should think.


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