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25 Aug 1995 20:27:35 GMT

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Sean McHenry <> wrote:
> I work at a Television station in Columbus, Ohio and recently saw a
>religious program comming down on one of our satellites stating that it
>was possible (proofs were given) that Celtic peoples as well as some
>Ancient Hebrew tribe(s) or priests had travled to the Americas in boats
>with no rudders. (They apparently believed that their destinations were a
>devine act of God and so, had no reason to steer.)
> They showed Petroglyphs in both New Mexico and West Virginia with
>Celtic language markings and had deciphered some of these.
> The question, if this has been substantiated by someone believable,
>why has no one ever heard of this? I just found out about this and I am
>34 years old now. Why was nothing said or written about this in any
>laymans journals or did I miss those editions? Thanks, please reply here
>or to the e-mail address below. Sean McHenry

Look at the book,

Fantastic Archarchaeology.


Stephen Williams

It covers these and other topics. No Celtic sites have been found, no
celtic language remnants, etc. There have been claims, but all have been
basically wishful thiinking. The Hebrew tribes is the basis for the
Mormon faith as the book of Mormon claims they came here. The
archaeological dating of the areas claimed (well at least currently by the
LDS church) don't match up with the dates in the book. [Originally the
LDS indicated the tribes were around Ohio and built the mounds there.]

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