Re: ancients in Americas question.

Kedd (
24 Aug 1995 22:20:27 -0400

>I work at a Television station in Columbus, Ohio and recently saw a
>religious program comming down on one of our satellites
> They showed Petroglyphs in both New Mexico and West Virginia with
>Celtic language markings and had deciphered some of these.

I must have seen the same religious program. It was SOOO bad, it was
fascinating. The speaker showed several instances of scratches on rocks,
and claimed that these were Celtic messages in the *ogham* script. (The
nature of ogham is rather interesting, but I won't go into it now.. It
consists of lines or furrows in stone or other hard material) I have done
a fair amount of study of Dark Age Europe, and there is some evidence of
Ogham being used in N. Europe, but is EXTREMELY rare, and most of the ones
that do exist are grave markers from ca. AD 300- AD 800

The samples the program showed are very unlike European ogham, and to my
eyes looked like random scratches on the rocks.

The program didn't completely explain WHY ancient Hebrews from the Middle
East would use a script from Northern Europe in writing their cryptic
messages in the New World.

The speaker seemed set on "proving" that Native Americans were:
a) Irish or:
b) The _Lost Tribe of Israel_,
tho to what purpose I have no idea. I have seen other programs in the
series,where the speaker claims that the Bible PROVES that Africans are
inferior to other races, so maybe he is trying to claim that the Native
Americans present at the time of the Europeans coming were really whites
in disguise.

Anyone else seen these programs? They originate from somewhere in the
backwoods of Arkansas, to the best of my memory.

Ken Edd (

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