graduate schools?

Mike Gurven (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 14:19:33 EDT

Hello. I'm an undergrad soon graduating with BA in both anthropology
and math. my research interests have focused primarily in genetics,
and mathematical modelling. i'm considering grad school, but not quite
sure where to apply. i'm interested in biological anthro. but i want a
school that's strong in ethnology and other culture studies as well.
some professors have suggested univ of new mexico, california-davis,
harvard, and univ of utah. are there any other suggestions?
also, what kind of GRE scores and GPA would i need to get a full ride
to some of these schools?
finally, what are some job possibilities outside of academia with a masters
or a PhD in anth.? how serious are such programs like "practical anth." or
"applied anth."?
thank you for your assistance.
my email address is

mike gurven
penn state university