Re: Piltdown Man

Scott Rainey (
23 Aug 1995 00:11:21 -0700

> I, Scott Rainey wrote:
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> > Annother [sucker] was L. Ron Hubbard who incorporated
> > Piltdown Man into the cosmology of the "religion" we
> > know as "Scientology".

Robert F. Jaffe writes:

> Is this as an article of faith or as an example
> of a successful confidence trick?

As I understand it, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard "LRH" wrote and spoke of his
belief that we are all "thetans" who were kidnapped, exiled to earth in
space ships that looked remarkably similar to DC-8's, We were all then
stuffed into volcano's and BBQ'd with A-Bombs ( or was that H-Bombs?).

That was all about 75,000,000 years ago, "Billions and Billions" of
"Thetans" "Thetan's" are believed to have been brought here and BBQ'd this

LRH is believed to be the first of the thetans who remembered all of his
reincarnations over the last 75,000,000 or so years including a lot of
passes as lower life forms including clams... and piltdown man.

Every word LRH recorded or wrote is gospel to his faithful.... including
LRH's statements about Piltdown man.

Don't hang out there. It's real expensive.